• Ningbo Sunny Electrical Heating Appliances Co.,Ltd!


    Founded in February 1996, Ningbo Sunny Electrical Heating Appliances Co., Ltd., is located by Hangzhou Bay New Zone with beautiful scenery—NO.177 Binhai Si Road of Cixi City. Now the company includes three factories and there are more than 600 employees. It professionally researches and develops various tube shaped electrical heating elements, composite heating elements with big power and high performance, heating elements of metal basic thick film printing heater, etc. for 11 series and more than 400 varieties, which are widely applied in all kinds of home appliances. And four major series of products have passed UL, TUV, VDE certifications successively and have obtained global marketing passport. Products are sold very well both in international and domestic market. Relying on market experience for nearly ten years, it has established good cooperation relations with global large and well-known purchasers of electrical heating elements at home and abroad such as Samsung, SEB, Philips, Kohler Mira, TRITON, Suzhou EUP, Guangdong Donlim, Zhejiang Cuori etc.

    In 1998, the company passed ISO9002 certification, and ISO9001:2000 recertification smoothly in 2002 and ISO14001 certification in 2005. It carries out informanization management system with ERP as the core, and implements 6S management activities strictly. Its comprehensive strength has been improved increasingly.

    In recent years, the company has successively been chosen as a top-100 enterprise of Cixi city; AA credit aptitude by Credit Aptitude Assessment Committee of Ningbo in 2004; Hi-tech enterprise of Zhejiang Province in 2004; the big power high performance composite heating elements became state level torch plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC in 2002; the circuit electric heating element of metal basic printing obtains Scientific Innovation Fund of Ningbo in 2005; the electric heat element engineering technical center was chosen as enterprise engineering center of Ningbo City in 2005; the new boiler was chosen as national torch plan by Ministry of Science and Technology of China in 2005 and chosen as advanced collective of security production and four star managerial enterprise by Cixi Municipal People Government.

    At present, Ningbo Sunny Electrical Heating Appliances Co., Ltd. has gradually formed the operation pattern of independent innovation and mutual advantage compensation of domestic and overseas market. All staff of Sunny, full of passion, strides solidly, and makes efforts to become “one of the most competitive professional manufactories of electrical heating elements. In line with the spirit of “surmounting oneself till the best, create new brilliance of Sunny!

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